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A collection of audio excerpts from various projects:

Compositions for BzGA podcast series on 'Organspende'

Music Production for the Pfizer podcast series

Charles II – Pharma Insights

Music compositions for the Robert Koch Institute podcast series Erinnerungszeichen

Soundtrack for the Helios Zentrum für minimalinvasive Chirurgie, Emil von Behring, Info-Film


Soundtrack for Sci-Fi High Touch, TINT Filmcollective

Audio Jingle for Future + You podcast

Some sound bits from the medical podcast GMP, Gesundheit Macht Politik, composed mostly from samples of EKG-Machines, Defibrillators, Life-Support-Units... and Double Bass

Soundtrack for the documentary about the artist Andrés Galeano, by Savio Debernadis

Soundtrack for a ZK/U, (Center for Art and Urbanistics) Info-Film

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