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As a freelance Post-Producer, Composer and Sound Designer, I work in a variety of audio related fields, be it in film, television or YouTube videos, audio books, podcasts or radio trailers, acoustic marketing, art installations or music productions, to name but a few. The goal is always to capture and bring to life the clients vision through the creation and seamless integration of a sonic dimension.

The Sound Between studio is equipped with Steinbergs Nuendo 10 and Pro Tools digital workstations as well as the most commonly used, industry standard post production software and plug-ins.  

The most requested services are the following:

Audio Post Production for Film, Infomercials, Video and TV


This includes all areas of sound within a production including Dialog Editing, Syncing and Restoration, Production Sound Editing, recording of Foleys and ADR, the creation of atmospheres and soundscapes as well as Music Composition and Sound Design. All elements can then be mixed/rerecorded to complete the finished product.

Sound Design and Composition for Podcasts and YouTube Channels


We create a unique sound for your podcast or YouTube channel that reflects it's content as well as it's personality. This includes intros and outros to the podcast/video and it's individual sections, as well transitions, sound effects and music. All parts are then transferred in a format that you can easily insert and work with on all your future episodes.

Art Installation Sound


Together with the artists we create an acoustic, atmospheric 

setting for your exhibition or installation.

Acoustic Marketing


Through discussion and market analysis we develop a concept and a acoustic identity for your brand depending on what your brand signifies and who you would like to reach.

This can be in the form of sound logos, brand music, brand voice or soundscapes.


Audio Books and Audio Plays 

Through dialog editing and the addition of music, foleys, atmospheric soundscapes and effects we create the complete listening experience you imagined.

Music Composition


Music composition is part of almost all of the services listed above. Each project searches for its own, unique melody, style and rhythm, and finding and composing it has always been the most enjoyable and at times surprising part of my work.


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